Friday, March 26, 2010

lights and electrical

When I took the back up lamps off, the housing was filled with forty years worth of dirt and grit. Somewhere under there is a lamp housing!

Like everything else on the car, the exterior housing was covered with red over-spray.

After a bit of work with the wire wool, I was able to get a real nice shine on the lamps.

I am packing all my cleaned up parts into boxes for reassembly sometime in the future.

The housing on the front marker lights was in real bad shape: covered in rust and splattered with something that looks like tar.

I may be able to clean up the housing brackets with media blasting....but will probably end up getting some replacements in better shape. We'll see what happens.

Although the car is a Sprint Promotion A model, it did not come from the factory with GT fog lamps - these are recently installed repros which I may swap for the OEM amber bulbs when I rebuild.

Plug connectors for the fog lamps were squeezed through an adjusted gap in the grille. A few other minor modifications have been made to the grille to accommodate the support brackets, but since I will be putting the fog lamps back anyway it doesn't matter.

There was an incredible amount of grot in the areas behind the headlamps. I am hoping to have the car torn down and the body washed before I got to the INDY 500 at the end of May.

As with so many other things, the retaining rings in front of the headlamps were covered with over-spray.

It is vitally important to properly label all the electrical connectors, even if you are planning to use a replacement wiring harness.

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