Monday, July 7, 2014

351W together again

The post that took three years to write! That's how long it's been since I purchased the 1969 Ford 351 Windsor that I decided to use for this project. After all it's been through, putting the motor back together was cake - at least it was with my BAMA buddy Chuck guiding the way. He also brought the spring compressor, the big book of torque specs and much-o experience. I think it took us about three hours to assemble the engine. For a lot of this time I was too busy enjoying myself to take photos, but a few key moments were captured.

Martinez, California, July 2011
It all starts with some lube
put in the crank and torqued down the main caps
pistons went in next
starting to look like an engine...
cam, timing chain, t/c cover and oil pan installed
Heads torqued down, rockers installed, valves adjusted
Chuck "persuading" the balancer to go on!
You don't see this on engines that were painted after assembly! 
Emeryville, California, July 2014