Thursday, November 15, 2018

Yes, I'm Back!

There was a time when my blog posts would start of with "....its been six months again..." Well, this one is actually being written three (3) years after the last post...and that was only some photos from a car show! So what happened? Well, the simple answer is that life is what happens while you're busy making other plans, to coin a phrase.

Not very impressive...

When I left off, in October 2015, I was still getting settled into my new garage, even though the 68 had been in situ for almost a year. I had quickly discovered that although the garage was located just three blocks from the house, in many ways, it might as well have been on the moon. I just couldn't find the motivation to saddle up and walk over there if I only had half an hour, so progress became minimal.

The house/garage move had also coincided with an expansion in our family and their needs coupled with a kitchen remodel didn't leave much time for tinkering with a car. I did carry on chipping away through most of 2016, but the pace was so slow that I essentially abandoned this blog in the summer of that year. I also became slack about documenting what progress I had made and I'd often forget to take the camera when I did find a couple of hours to sneak over to the garage.

There was an upsurge in productivity towards the end of 2016, and it really looked like the car would be running in the new year. However, in early 2017 I received the disappointing news that my landlord was not going to renew the lease on the garage. After moving the car three times since I took it apart in 2010, it was time to pack up and ship out once more.

This time around, I could not find a suitable garage space to put the car where I could (occasionally) wrench on it. It was with much sadness that the car was moved to a short term storage unit out by Oakland Airport in March 2017. Around this time it became clear that owning and living in a house without either a garage or off-street parking had run it's course. In April 2017 we began preparing our house for sale, and in August we moved to our new pad. Obviously it comes with a double garage this time and a big driveway. The 68 was delivered to its new home in October 2017. It had been away eight (8) months.

Garage #5

The last year has been incredibly hectic, and it's fair to say the majority of my free time has been devoted to smarting up out new pad - point your browser at this link if you're interested in that particular project - but I've found a few hours here and there to work on the Mustang, and thanks to all my buddies in BAMA my interest has been revived.

This blog was always intended to be a personal diary of the 68 restoration, and while it's tempting to post the most up-to-date progress on the car, I have decided I will build up to that by first documenting what I've accomplished in the past three years.

To be continued.....I promise!

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