Sunday, July 10, 2011

moving the car

Finally time to move the Mustang - I was lucky that I could get my workshop unpacked and set up without having to work round the car, but finally it was time to get it moved into my new garage.

Just before I stopped working on the car I managed to acquire a cover from a friend who owns a really nice show condition '66 coupe. Apparently the cover shrunk a bit in the tumble dryer, and had to be replaced, but it is perfect for my needs at the moment.

I got the cover right before Mustang Monthly published an article on how to choose the best cover for your car. This cover wasn't mentioned, but I really like it, just don't put it in the dryer!

The best car covers come with a plastic ring insert that you fit yourself to ensure that the opening for the antenna is in exactly the right place for your car. This one is sewn in, but I think it would be better to install either a retractable antenna, or no antenna at all, and it's the latter route that I'm planning to take with my car when I get to working on the fenders. Let's face it, I'll not be listening to AM radio in the car.

It's not like I need to worry about my paint job just yet, but here's a perfect example of why you need a car cover:

I looked at renting a flatbed trailer from U-Haul, but I don't have a hitch on my car, and my old garage is on a very steep hill, so I decided to throw money at the problem, and let someone else worry about moving the car....while I watched.

still looking like a drag car
settling in to the Green Room

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