Thursday, August 2, 2012

into the black

I was really happy with how the trunk came out, and I still had the garage covered in plastic, so next up was the engine bay. This area was painted with epoxy a little while back. I started the latest bit of masking by carefully covering up the read paint in the trunk area, and then I peeled back the covering at the front of the car.

I was careful also to cover up the floor where I previously painted clear coat.

I read a really useful article in Mustang Magazine about types of paint to use on the engine bay, and I settled on Dupli-color DE1635 Engine Enamel which is freely available at Kragen. Provided you mix (shake) the cans properly, this paint goes on great and is very affordable. I started on the outside, although I think it would have been easier the other way round, and all subsequent coats of paint were applied to the inside of the engine bay first.

All told I need about 3-4 coats to be happy with the coverage over the epoxy primer. However, a certain amount of sanding drips and sags in the paint followed by re-applying was needed before I was happy with entire area. Also, applying paint from a rattle can underneath the engine bay was a little bit challenging.

Took a bit more paint than I initially imagined...

So, time to unmask the body shell then? Well not quite actually. While I still had the most of the body masked off I took the opportunity to spray some rubberized coating into the rear wheel wells.

I also handed out the same treatment to those areas behind the fenders where road damage usually has the highest impact.

Here's how the body shell came out after I removed the masking and cleaned up the garage.


  1. Beautiful Joy! Just like a fresh white canvas now. I know you plan on staying with C.A.R. - but pull up a chair for a minute and imagine a Shelby Terlingua paint scheme. Blacked-out hood - bright yellow body. Would look pretty sharp :)


  2. Awesome work Ian! I've had a lot of good luck with Duplicolor engine enamels and it wears great. Your car is looking great.

  3. Ian, that looks really good. Thanks for the tip also on the Duplicolor paint. I'll have to remember that when I get to that point. I'll be looking forward to seeing the final paint. The you'll only have a couple of weekends of work left to get it on the road! LOL!

  4. Ian,

    Brilliant work and the car is looking great! Between you and Alex, I'm starting to feel like a slacker! Looking forward to the next update!