Monday, May 2, 2011

the column goes back in

After the new paint had had several days to harden up, I moved onto reassembling the steering column. I already did this once before, so this time it was (mainly) straight forward. I started off by placing the plastic insulators back inside the two sleeves....

...and then slotting them together:

The steering column parts were painted with either the maroon interior lacquer, or POR-15.

The bracket which bolts to the clutch support was black before, but I decided it would be better to have this part maroon. The bolts holding the bracket down were zinc plated to give a dull white appearance.

The clutch support bolts to the firewall

Next to go on are the upper flanged pieces...

And then the two halves of the mounting bracket

Remember to add the firewall seal and grommet

The next step is to gently slide the steering shaft into the column and fit the snap rings and bearing. The column can then be mounted to the dash and secured at the firewall...

There is an interesting marriage of "old and new" at the rag joint:

All done - the steering wheel will be going back after the seats.

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