Tuesday, May 31, 2011

setting up the Green Room part one

OK, so after I moved, setting up The Green Room wasn't exactly the top priority, but slowly it has been coming together. This is how it looked the day after the move:

The cabinets all down the side have been there a long time, and obviously pre-date the automatic garage door, but are otherwise all in great shape.

There were a couple of shelves that are probably surplus to my requirements, but otherwise it looks like being a great workshop.

I started by positioning and leveling my main work bench. I got the bench as close to level as I could using some shims I sliced off of a scrap 4x4.

Then I got underneath and secured the bench against the wall with some long screws; finding the first stud was a bit of trial and error, but find one, and you got 'em all.

With the bench secure, I cut some slightly oversize shims and smacked them in with a club hammer. This gives a very solid work surface, and I can hit the bench (or something on top of it) very hard without worrying about the consequences.

Onto the window. I wasn't particularly keen on having a huge window right above my bench, so I covered it over with an old sheet...but that wasn't ideal either....

The solution was to hang my peg board over the window....

Onto the second bench. Installing the drawers was the first step, and then the bench was leveled and secured in the way described above.

The slope on my garage floor is over two inches along the length of the benches:

Last thing was to put down the mats - I find it much more comfortable to stand on a mat rather than the concrete. These mats are ergonomically designed to reduce the stress on your joints that a day standing on concrete would normal cause...I'm old enough now that these things are starting to matter to me.


  1. That really looks like it's going to be quite a nifty work area when you're done outfitting. Like a brand new playground!

  2. Looks good! I hear you about the floor mats. I just started using them. Big difference.