Sunday, May 15, 2011

packing up the shop

With the car wrapped for the at least the next few months, I will be devoting my blog to the setting up of my new workshop. Of course I have to pack up the current one first, and, while I've boxed up my stuff and moved house so many times now that I've got it down to an art, I've never actually packed up a workshop before - never had one to pack up, come to think of it.

Started by emptying the bench out.

Then moved the drawers out...

...and detached the small bench from the wall.

Several evenings in, and it doesn't look much different!

Finally got the large bench away from the wall...

..and all cleared out.

While all this was going on, the pile of boxes on the other side of the garage was steadily growing:

I'm going the miss Ferris Bueller's garage, and it's west-facing window.


  1. That is a nice work bench! WOW! And I see the MIG 135 box from Eastwood's also. Sweet. Your garage is that high up from the last pic? Ferris Bueller is right. Carmen was his friend with the rich dad and the cars?

  2. James - yes, it really is/was that high; my old house was built on a hillside/very steep slope. Fortunately my son and his friends are too young to push my car out the back of the garage!