Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Green Room

OK, so to start with here are a few shots of my new garage taken a few days before the move. I've gained the laundry (not good), but also gained a ton of storage space, cabinets, and shelves (very good). Also, I came up with an instant name for the new shop: The Green Room.

The layout of the cabinets means "bench goes here".

I rented a 17 foot truck from U-Haul and moved the shop myself. The UPS guy* helped my load the work benches into the truck, and I kind of pushed/pulled them out on my own at the other end. While he was helping me, I tried to talk the UPS guy into joining BAMA. I loaded all the rest of the boxes, tools, and car parts myself. I took my time as I had the truck all day.

garage nearly empty...apart from some car thing...

First in, last out: the benches were a good fit under my new built-ins!

This was after everything else got stacked up against the other wall....

...or dumped in the middle of the floor. Check back soon to see how the workshop gets set up.

(*Note: I get a LOT of stuff mail order/online so UPS are at my house most days and over time I got to know the usual delivery guy a little bit because he has a '67 Mustang undergoing an Eleanor conversion).

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