Tuesday, September 27, 2011

engine compartment part two

At last it was time to breakout the DeWalt. The following photos encompass work done over about 4-5 weeks. Started at the driver side:

Then moved on to the passenger side:

By the time I got to the firewall I was really getting into the wire wheeling...so much easier working at a decent height!

I'd already completed the shock towers, which gave me a head start on the inner aprons.

Really felt like I was getting somewhere when it got to the radiator support.

Finishing up under the frame rails and supports was actually the hardest bit: lying on my back, grinding above my head, just like the old days.


  1. Awesome work Ian! Man that engine compartment is going to look great.

  2. That is some sweet solid metal Ian! You've got to feel good about getting this looking so nice.

  3. Joy - you are a crazy man :) I thought sand blasting was about as bad as it gets. Wire wheeling that much real estate is amazing. You must have the patience of Job!!!


  4. Ian, you are an ANIMAL! Excellent work!

  5. Thanks everyone for your encouragement.
    @Sven - that's the nicest thing I've ever been called!