Tuesday, March 8, 2011

goodbye to the oil pan & more

Speed of progress, when measured on the restoration time line, is a rather abstract concept. For example, I'm just finishing up the work on the passenger compartment, which I started back in November, and, although I've been working on this area pretty hard, it feels like it has taken forever and a day. Compare this with what's been going on with my motor: I acquired a 302 V8 at the start of the year, and followed it up by pulling out the six, and then finding a new home for the latter...which has taken two months, but seems like no time at all.

The six banger on the day I pulled it out

After I removed the starter, the motor sat for a while...

On Sunday I helped load the six into a friend's pick up - he has an attached hoist, so it was easy...best of all, I even got rid of donated the 3 speed transmission at the same time. Now I have to get a T5! I'd like to say that, because I got my V8 for free (cheers Abe!), I gave away the six in the interests of good karma, but I was also really focused on getting it out of my garage; if I get any karmic effect, that's a bonus. As I stared down at the departing oil pan, the very first bit of work I did on the car flashed before my eyes...and then I waved bye-bye.

goodbye oil pan...


  1. Huge step my man, it is really hard to let stuff go sometimes. Memories, sweet memories.
    You are doing a fantastic job, keep up the good work and I'm sure many many more great memories are soon to come. I like the karma reference, I need all the good vibes I can get for Fred's restoration. LOL!

    Uhm, sorry to bother you about this on your blog, Ryan was kind enough to nominate me for project car of the month over on the FIX and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind surfing by there and voting for Fred, thanks Ian.

  2. Abe, thanks for your encouragement and I'd be happy to vote for Fred!

  3. Man, your work is incredible. Working on a 66 coupe on my end. Spent the last 3 hours getting inspired by your great work. I watched my old 289 ride off a few weeks ago, and I have to say I was sad to see it go. I've been putxing around with that old motor for over 20 years, and my dad for 20 years before that. On to the future. Keep posting, This is awesome.

  4. Hey Steve,

    Thanks for your comments - I really appreciate the encouragement! Would love to see some pictures of your 66 project