Sunday, June 19, 2011

upgrading the power part two

So I already said that the lighting in my new garage is great, and it is, but that still left me with a pile of lights and tubes that I salvaged from the last workshop - I pondered whether to just leave them behind, but I was worried my electrical work might not be up to California building code, so I ripped them down.

I decided to install a couple of the lights below the cabinets at the back of the bench - mainly to make up for blocking off the window.

Like the bench outlets, the lights are also served from the outlet bank, and I installed a switch so that the lights are independent of the other garage lighting, but are not "always-on" like the outlets.

In the past I've tried to join wires at the back of the outlets, but with a complicated set up like this, it makes sense to install a junction box.

The last bit was to connect the new cabling to the supply, and install a few more outlets in the laundry area.

I also put in another junction box in case I want to add anything else in the future.

There was no smell of burning after the big switch on, just lots more light....and POWER!

The flash photo doesn't show it, but this outlet is showing a double orange, which means the polarity is correct and the outlet is grounded. It's always a good idea to check every outlet before using them, just to make sure you haven't got any crossed connections, or forgotten to crimp a ground.