Sunday, May 2, 2010

pulling the wheel

Sam and I went to the Pleasant Hill mall on Saturday to pick up some new toys: I got a steering wheel puller and #4 Philips screwdriver from Sears and Sam picked up some goodies from the Disney Store. I had to go back to the store this morning to get some 5/16"-24 bolts to fit the wheel puller (none of the selection in the kit was the right size...of course I should have sized the bolts I needed before I went out the first time. Doh!). Then I had to file out the wheel puller to make it fit. When I eventually got it set up, I pulled the wheel in like two seconds.

The red steering wheel is one of the few parts that is not currently reproduced, as far as I can tell. This one is in almost perfect condition and will absolutely definitely be going back later. 

After much faffing about I eventually got the instrument cluster loose, and managed to remove the dash pad. 

I have no idea what kind of stereo I am going to put in, but it will be an upgrade on the single stock speaker!

To get the cluster out, you have to remove the 5/8" nut connecting the speedo cable - mine was only finger tight (nut to the right of blue tape). The wiring harness can then be disconnected and the cluster is free.

I want to maintain the stock look of the interior as much as possible, so the original gauge cluster will be going straight back later. I'm going to take an "if it aint broke..." attitude to the cluster as it was all working before I removed it. 

The interior is now looking rather bare. There's not a whole lot more to take out before I can start on the bodywork. I am leaving the hood and fenders on the car for now as I don't have anywhere to store them.

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